Camden Harbor, Maine

After leaving Rockport harbor, on foot, I stopped to ask directions from an older couple out for a Saturday morning stroll.

“How do I get to Camden?”

“Oh,” they said, stretching out the word, “go that-a-way, for a mile or two. You’re bound to get there.”

Their accent was strong. Their faces were weathered in similar patterns. Their smiles were friendly. I believed them (although the distance thing was a little unclear).

I checked my watch. I still had two hours before I needed to catch my ride to Portland airport. So, I set off for Camden.

_MGL6588_Camden Grazing LandForests, meadows, farmland. I was surprised at the rich ruralness along the coast. Between Rockport and Camden there were very few homes. Every so often, I could catch a glimpse of the water through the trees. But mostly, just the trees, thick and green, dripping with moss.

After about an hour of walking, I started to wonder if I was on the right road. Then suddenly, I could see it, through the trees, Camden harbor, unmistakably beautiful.

Camden Harbor is beautiful, through  the trees.
Camden Harbor is beautiful, through the trees.

Clear blue water dotted with bobbing sailboats, lush green trees rising to meet the blue sky.

I wax poetic.

In all fairness, I was pretty thirsty by this time and may have been slightly delirious. I didn’t bring a water bottle with me and I had been walking for a few hours.

So, after buying a water bottle in a local pharmacy, I took a few pictures and set off back to Rockport and my journey home.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. However, next time I will bring plenty of bug repellant.   The mosquitoes enjoyed me a lot more than I enjoyed them. Be that as it may, Rockport and Camden, Maine, are picturesquely quaint, in the summer. Not in the winter. I spent a winter in Maine, once. I can barely speak of it…even now…But that’s another story…


Rockport Harbor, Maine

I’d been in Rockport for a week and hadn’t seen much of anything, outside of the Maine Media Workshop campus. The workshop was over and I was going home. I wanted to see the harbor. I’d heard about it, for years. Rockport Harbor was sort of the icon for New England coastal beauty. I’d heard it said, “Can’t get there from here” (spoken with a heavy Maine accent), but I didn’t believe it. So, I got up early on my last day and walked down east to the harbor. I’m glad I did. I shouldn’t have waited so long. I will go back, hopefully by boat, by sailboat.


Maine Media Workshop

First of all, this is not an advertisement; however…

A week ago, I spent a week in Rockport, Maine, attending the Maine Media Workshop. Maine Media has a number of workshops, most of which I would love to attend. In fact, I met several people who were spending their entire summer attending many, if not all the courses. I can understand why. Rockport is beautiful. The Maine Media workshop is exciting. The subject matter is engaging. And, most importantly, the people you meet are inspiring.

I was attending the Director’s Craft workshop, under the tutelage of Alan Myerson (look him up on IMDB, or, google him). I wanted to brush up on my directorial skills after spending the last few years exclusively working on documentaries. Alan was wonderful to work with. Under his direction, we spent the week working with some amazing actors. Alan took us through the process of auditioning, rehearsing, blocking/staging scenes and finally, shooting a scene. There were nine of us in the workshop. We had plenty of individual attention. We were able to explore our vision with the actors, and help the actors reach a level of performance that was awe inspiring. Alan was perceptive and insightful in helping us expand our directorial skill set. He was kind as he shepherded nine aspiring directors with widely varying skills and experience. And, he was responsible for bringing some amazingly talented actors.

Third Floor Sunset
The summer days are long. The sunsets are beautifully impressionistic.

Our days in the workshop were long, exhausting and invigorating. Each morning and each evening, I had a ten minute walk from my hotel to the campus, through a forest and past New England homes and farmhouses. One evening, long after dark, I stopped to consider the day. As I looked through the darkness enveloping a meadow, I saw hundreds, maybe even ten-thousand fireflies. Completely magical. Owl city must have been there before me. The next morning on my way back to campus, I stopped again, to consider the wild flowers where the fire flies had been.

In a meadow near campus, wildflowers flourish.

On our last night of the workshop, Maine Media put on an all-you-can-eat lobster feed. There really isn’t anything quite like Maine lobster. After dinner, we watched a show of the weeks production work and then went out with our workshop group for a wrap party. I don’t think any of us were anxious to go back to the real world. However, we all knew that we could go back to our real lives and carry with us the gift of renewal and inspiration our week of hard work had brought.

I came to Maine with a hope to increase my skill set. I gained a wealth of new friends. I left Maine inspired by possibilities.

On my last day there, I turned on my still camera.

Brazilian Sunset 6

I originally intended to post seven sunsets from Brazil, but the number seven hasn’t been good for Brazil this week, so I think I’ll stop at 6. Besides, I’m flying right now and can’t watch their game against  the Netherlands. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll post a sunrise shot, instead. Or, maybe I’ll just post the rest of my Brazil gallery and call it quits.  Here’s to a less competitive, stress reduced life. Let’s go net fishing in Recife 🙂

IMGL3627_Recife Fishermen_2

Brazilian Sunset 1

I’m out of town this week attending a Director’s Seminar at the Maine Media Workshop, so, I thought I would try scheduling a daily post from my recent Brazil trip. Regardless of the outcome in the World Cup, the sun will set on Brazil. And, when it does, it will be beautiful. Here’s the first of a 7 day, daily sunset post from Brazil.

Comments are welcome. Feedback encouraged.

IMGL3661_2_3_Recife Fisherman