James DalrympleWords, pictures, music, stories.  I feel this compelling drive to create, capture, record and share them.  I’ve been at it for awhile, yet, I’ve only scratched the surface.  And, in the process I’ve learned much about my own inadequacies.  There is so much to do and so many stories.

Storyteller. I aspire to this company.

My wife and children abide my curse. We make our home in Cedar Hills, Utah.

–James Dalrymple


3 thoughts on “About”

    1. “Mostly true?” It would take a miracle for that to actually be true 🙂 I retain the right to change the words to suit my own perceptions. I will use the “fiction” category when I am clearly making stuff up. Thanks for reading, Nils.

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I hear them, the voices in my head. They tell me stories. I can see them with my heart.

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