Beginning Stages of producing an Action/Thriller Web Series

I’ve been planning, for some time, to produce an action/thriller web series. I’m gathering like minded people to work on, work in, and work around the project, moving things forward.

This series is called Executive Privilege. I will post the current episode script on my blog once a week. I would love feedback on the script and comments about the characters, story, plot, etc. Let me know if you have story ideas about what direction you think the story should go. I’ll try and incorporate them into the script.

We are planning on launching a kickstarter, crowd-sourced campaign to raise money for the series. If you are interested let me know, I’ll post details as I have them. I will be blogging regularly about our progress. I’ll share the process and progress as we move forward with funding, production and distribution. Here’s Episode 1: Executive Privilege. Click on the link below to read the script.

Enjoy. Comments encouraged.

Executive Privilege Episode 1

2 thoughts on “Beginning Stages of producing an Action/Thriller Web Series”

  1. Very interesting! I look forward to reading more. My only thought was that the dialogue between when the President first pulls out the gun and actually shooting the Justice seemed to move a little slow. I expected the soldiers and West to react quicker, rather than just talking about it, since they seemed to have plenty of time to do something. I think you could cut everything between when Soldier 1 says “gun” to BOOM, when the President fires. It would speed things along and not leave the audience feeling frustrated that the guards didn’t do something quicker because they would have no time to react. Otherwise, great!

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