Web Series Episode 5, Executive Privilege: Fugitive


Here is the script for the fifth episode of Executive Privilege. This episode is titled, “Fugitive”.

Government agents capture John West’s girlfriend as Special Ops troops fire missiles at John. John jumps from the moving SUV moments before the missile hits. He is knocked unconscious as the Special Ops search for his body.

Please read and make comments. We will try and incorporate your comments in the direction of the story. We’ll be launching our kickstarter campaign soon, and, we should be ready for casting by April. Again, if you’re interested in working in, or on, or helping produce, contact me.

Episode 5 Script: Executive Privilige_Ep5

Previous episodes:

Executive Privilege: Abduction

Executive Privilege_Ep3.01

Executive Privilege Episode 2: Deception

Executive Privilege Episode 1

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