Seattle: The Emerald City

People say it rains all the time in Seattle. People say that the citizens of Seattle have web feet. People say that the only time the sun shines in Seattle is the last week of July or the first week of August, but, you can’t really count on it.

I’ve heard people say these things. I grew up in Seattle. The question is, are they true?

Maybe. Mostly.

I can say that I don’t have web feet. However, I don’t live in Seattle anymore. And, I can’t verify that those who do don’t have web feet. I visited Seattle this summer and it didn’t rain everyday. It wasn’t July or August so I really didn’t expect to see the sun. I was just hoping.

Research shows that it does rain a lot in Seattle, but, not as much as most people think. Seattle receives about 38 inches of rain each year and is 44th on the most rainiest cities chart, coming in behind Houston, New Orleans, New York, Boston, and many other more rainy cities in the United States.

Research also finds that it is cloudy a lot in Seattle; cloudier than other cities that get more rain. But, when the sun does shine in Seattle, it is the most beautiful sunshine, the most beautiful scenery, and the most brilliant color of any city in the world. That is one, but only one, of the reasons I come back to Seattle, and bring my family with me. Somewhere over the rainbow may actually be in Oz, but, people say that Seattle is the Emerald City. I can say I believe that is mostly true.

Here are some shots of the city, in HDR, to make up for the lack of contrast and color that happens when the sun never shines and it rains all the time 🙂

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