Old Man on Steps in Istanbul, Turkey.

Old Man On Steps Istanbul, Turkey

Cedar City Art Walk Image 3.

Old Man on Steps in Istanbul, Turkey.
A wooden cane and stone steps provide respite when carrying the weight of the world in Istanbul.

He sat on steps outside a mosque in Istanbul, worry lines carving canyons in his forehead. Perhaps the proximity to God, and a wooden cane will keep the weight of worldly cares from crushing him. Perhaps a silent prayer will reach to heaven or a moment in tower shadows will heal his heart. I can not say.

Crowds ascended sacred steps as the old man remained.

I watched with him as long as I could, hoping for relief, praying that, perhaps, he, too, could go home.


For more info on my show check out a June 11th article in The Spectrum.


Cedar City Art Walk June 5 – August 31.

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