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Web Series Episode 3, Executive Privilege: Escape


Here is the script for the third episode of our web-series, Executive Privilege. This episode is titled, “Escape”.

John West, Navy Seal Commander, head of security for Camp David is framed by the President for murdering the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Events happen in real time.

Please read and make comments. We will try and incorporate your comments in the direction of the story.

And, if you’re interested in working in, or on, or helping produce, contact me. We’ll be launching our kickstarter campaign soon.

Episode Script: Executive Privilege_Ep3.01

Because I am traveling so much, it is taking longer than I hoped to get things launched. It always takes longer than you hope, anyway. I return from travel in March and we will get serious–really serious–about kickstarter, casting and production. Stay tuned.

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