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At the Beach

We weren’t dressed for it, but we couldn’t resist. We had three hours before our flight. Wait in the airport, at LAX?

I don’t think so.

Before the engine of our rental car shut down, my wife was out the door and on the beach. I carefully took off my shoes and socks, rolled up my pant legs, grabbed my camera and sauntered after. The sand felt good on my toes, cool and rough.

IMG_3734_Beach Tent_webWe have a little saying in our bathroom at home, at home where it’s cold. “If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach, you’re lucky enough.”

IMG_2381_Shadow Lovers_webI must be very lucky. I married a California girl. Like a rechargeable battery, she draws life from the sun, the sand and the waves. I draw life from her. We don’t live in California anymore, so it’s probably okay that I look like a tourist. I wasn’t born here. I don’t live here. But I did, sort of, adopt this place. I’ve lived here longer than any other place.  So, we visit often, to see our children, and, although I don’t feel old, our grandchildren, and, the beach.

IMG_3738_Footprint Pair_webI could mark the years of my life in the footsteps on the sand, but I always lose track when the waves wash them away. The feelings remain as the memories flood in and out with the surf. I could come back here and know that I would be welcome.

Seal Rock

700 miles from the beach, I can still hear the waves, the gulls and the hungry seals crying from Seal Rock. The salt air mists my face as the waves crash against the rocks. It seems, for an instant, that time stops. The sun stays its descent, just above the horizon, lingering to set the clouds on fire. I can not count grains of sand, swirling at my feet beyond the frothy shore break. The rhythmic flow of mighty waters, spent and spending, captivate with hypnotic cadence. I can not be in two places at once. But in my dreams, my mind returns, while my body, unmercifully, remains. Awake, I hold a shell to my ear and my heart rejoices in the sounds of sea surrounding Seal Rock.

Seal Rock
Waves crash against the rocks as the birds and seals watch the setting sun from Seal Rock, Crescent Cove, California.