She’s Leaving Home

She left for college last week, my youngest daughter. She was so excited and busy preparing. We were out together and I wanted to take her picture.


Why not?

People are watching.

Come on, just stand over there. The light is nice.

DSC03548_Chloe on Stairs_Pike Place MarketNo!

She can be that way, stubborn, strong willed, opinionated. If there were still knights in the world, I’m sure she would be among their order, defending the weak, championing the right and the good against injustice. She was not shy about telling me when my decisions were, in her opinion, unjust. She was, often, like now, embarrassed by my actions.

Dad, not now.

I took a picture of her shadow as she walked away. I didn’t ask for permission.

She is gone, away to college. I am confident that in her studies she will find a grail, or bring back an elixir that will change the world. Her quest has certainly changed mine.

Our house is much quieter. I don’t wait up at night for her to come home. Her room is clean.

Yet, in the early morning, I still catch glimpses of her shadow and I find that I miss the light of her smile.


5 thoughts on “She’s Leaving Home”

  1. So true and real those feelings. I appreciate your sharing your reflections and emotions. I remember when my youngest was about to be a teenager and his older siblings had already moved on; as I was checking on him one night I sat on his bed while he slept and cried. I knew it wouldn’t be long until he was no longer a child at home. The feeling that this era of being a parent and having children at home would soon be over and already I was being overwhelmed with a deep sadness. It was one of those moments I will not forget.

    1. Thanks for sharing such a personal, poignant moment, Ron. It is an interesting time when the kids leave home. I still have a thirteen-year-old at home. But, our house is getting too big for just the three of us. And, there is a sadness in the change of personal seasons.

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