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Sunset on Aotearoa

No matter how much I want it to last, the day always comes to an end. I try to make it last. I try to hold it in my hands. I try to capture the moment, to remember the brilliance, to savor the beauty. No such luck–but wait–my camera…

Leaving New Zealand I couldn’t resist the sunset. Perhaps, the HDR shots are a little much; however, the actual brilliance was indescribable. Would I go back to New Zealand? Will I go back? In a Kiwi second.

Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud

The traditional Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, or “Land of the Long White Cloud.”  Ocean currents, weather patterns and South Pacific moisture combine for spectacular cloud formations which brood above the mountains, valleys and fjords, of New Zealand and bear witness to the truth of the ancient Maori name.

With the brilliant clouds and sparkling waters, New Zealanders love to sail. Auckland, New Zealand is known as ‘the city of sails’. Some reports boast that there are more boats per capita in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world.  Check any international yachting crew and you’ll probably find a New Zealander.

From my perspective, I could feel pleasant breezes, blue water and plenty of sunshine. Now that I’ve been there, If I had to choose, I’d rather be sailing–in New Zealand.

New Zealand, Not Far From Paradise

If it looks idyllic, that could be because it is. Not too hot. Not too cold. Clear air. Friendly people. Thriving economy. And, incredible scenery.

Talking with the locals in Auckland and Wellington the apocryphal claims went something like this:

“There are more sheep in New Zealand than people.”
“There are more boats in New Zealand than people.”
“The Garden of Eden was actually in New Zealand.”

I couldn’t verify any of these claims; although, I hope to return to New Zealand in search of the Garden of Eden. In any case, I hope to return to New Zealand to explore more of ‘Middle Earth’. Thanks to Peter Jackson, the world has enjoyed the striking beauty of a pristine southwestern Pacific island paradise.

Auckland Volcanic Field
Many of New Zealand’s lakes, lagoons and islands are the result of the many volcanoes formed by the Auckland Volcanic Field.