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Brazilian Sunset 1

I’m out of town this week attending a Director’s Seminar at the Maine Media Workshop, so, I thought I would try scheduling a daily post from my recent Brazil trip. Regardless of the outcome in the World Cup, the sun will set on Brazil. And, when it does, it will be beautiful. Here’s the first of a 7 day, daily sunset post from Brazil.

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IMGL3661_2_3_Recife Fisherman

Sunset over Lake Mountains, Utah

As a film maker and photographer, I am constantly in search of light. I study light, the quality of light, the direction of light, the effects of light. I work diligently to capture the light, practically and metaphorically. Yet, I stand in awe of the Master of Heaven and Earth and Sky. I am continually inspired and surprised by the majesty of his ‘lighting design’. I realize that I have so much to learn. As we approach this Easter Season, I am led, as Moses of old to exclaim,

Now, for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed. Moses 1:10

Yet, the Master knows each of us by name. The light which lighteth the world giveth light to our minds and comfort to our hearts. There is light in Heaven. Angels surround us. In the sky above and the earth beneath, the day of miracles has not ceased.

And, this sunset was incredible. 🙂

Lake Mountains, Utah
Sunset over Lake Mountains and Utah Valley, North Utah County.

A Taste of Australia

Whirl-wind tour. 

Gold Coast. I want to feel the sand and surf before I die.

Brisbane. The Brisbane River snaking through the city leaves the marks of flood waters on the stone foundations of downtown high-rises.

An Aboriginal street performer plays a didgeridoo concert for some coins; the deep, rich, mysterious, mournful sound vibrating my bones. After playing, he tells us the story of how his father, European, fell in love with his Aboriginal mother deep in the bush.

Driving away, a Kangaroo stands and stares at us, watching us go with sad eyes.  Why are you leaving?

From Kangaroo Point, the spectacular setting sun gives way, too soon, to the sparkling stars of the Southern Cross. I’m far from home and longing to see my family.

The good news, for me, is that spending such a short time down under means that I will go back. I must.

Sunset on Aotearoa

No matter how much I want it to last, the day always comes to an end. I try to make it last. I try to hold it in my hands. I try to capture the moment, to remember the brilliance, to savor the beauty. No such luck–but wait–my camera…

Leaving New Zealand I couldn’t resist the sunset. Perhaps, the HDR shots are a little much; however, the actual brilliance was indescribable. Would I go back to New Zealand? Will I go back? In a Kiwi second.

Seal Rock

700 miles from the beach, I can still hear the waves, the gulls and the hungry seals crying from Seal Rock. The salt air mists my face as the waves crash against the rocks. It seems, for an instant, that time stops. The sun stays its descent, just above the horizon, lingering to set the clouds on fire. I can not count grains of sand, swirling at my feet beyond the frothy shore break. The rhythmic flow of mighty waters, spent and spending, captivate with hypnotic cadence. I can not be in two places at once. But in my dreams, my mind returns, while my body, unmercifully, remains. Awake, I hold a shell to my ear and my heart rejoices in the sounds of sea surrounding Seal Rock.

Seal Rock
Waves crash against the rocks as the birds and seals watch the setting sun from Seal Rock, Crescent Cove, California.

Sunsets and Sanity

There is something restorative about watching the sunset on a beach with warm winds blowing, surrounded by family and friends. We took a trip to Southern California this weekend to get out of the cold. We always find our way back to this beach–Crescent Cove. This is the beach where my wife grew up. This is the beach where I asked her to marry me. Fortunately, she said yes. I think the waves and wind were in my favor that day. Now, we bring our kids to this beach. We climb on the rocks and play in the sand–and, we watch the sunset. There is a peace we find here that calls to us when we wander.Yet, the winds blow us back and we shall return on a distant tide.

Crescent Cove California
Sunset on the beach at Crescent Cove, California.

Warm Breezes in Ostia, Italy

Anne on the Beach
Just before sunset, Anne took a stroll on the beach, in Ostia, Italy, to feel the sand between her toes and the warm Mediterranean water on her feet.

It’s January, 2014. The high temperatures in Utah average in the high 20s to low 30s. It’s cold. There’s snow on the ground. The warm glow of Christmas faded as my son took our Christmas lights down. I’m grateful he was home from school to do it, because it was too cold outside for me. In trying to warm up, I wanted to revisit Rome, at least with pictures.

Anne flew to Rome to meet me on my birthday. We stopped at Ostia Beach after shooting an interview nearby. Ostia is the closest beach to Rome and is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea of the Mediterranean, not far from the city. The water was warm.  The breezes were gentle. The sunset was magical. Anne was with me, and, it was Rome.


I hope, if it is cold where you live, you can feel the warmth of the setting Italian sun and endure the cold, for a few more months.

Sunset on Campus

A few nights ago, we were just wrapping a shoot on the campus of Brigham Young University. It had been raining in the valley most of the afternoon and snow had been falling in the higher elevations. Just before the sun set, it dropped below the storm and lit up the mountain. I had just come out of one of the buildings to this scene. I wished I had a better vantage point, a better view. I find, often, that the challenge is not to find a better view, but to see the world where I am in interesting ways. The light changed, the sun dropped below the horizon, it’s brilliance faded. Yet, in that moment I marveled at the beauty. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to take a picture, for the light didn’t last.

Sunset on Campus
The storm was coming. It had been raining. Just before the sun set, it dropped below the clouds and lit up the mountain.